MLK DAY + JAKE WEBSTER @a.r.drew Studio
Please join us in a Ode to the fabulous Artist Jake Webster who will be a guest in the studio on January 21st. We will be sharing some of Jake’s working drawings. The preceptor or Marquette for his sculptures. All these being part of his process of MAKING ART. We are so honored to have these in the studio and have him speak about his work. Anna will also have her work visually conversing with his on the studio walls. We could not be more excited to share this day with Jake Webster. Jake will speak at around 6ish. The studio will be open from 5-8. We are located in the NE corner of the LaSalle Building 237 North Michigan South Bend Indiana.

*Parking on the back of lot against the Morris Civic or in the NIPSCO lot across the street.