Dedicates the piece, You Are Enough, to Dr. Melvin McInnis and Dr. Kay Jamison Redfield in honor of their contribution to research on Manic Depressive Illness.

Anna Ryan drew (b1976) You Are Enough, 2018, Acrylic, oil stick canvas. 48×36

You Are Enough
I am whole. I am prolific. I am enough. I have survived, the chaos of my mind. Survived the darkest spaces. Gave rise to those empty places. I am a warrior. Salt of the earth gives me fullness. I am you. I am her. I am the shame defeated. I am the honor. I am the belief that the beauty of this breath is to know I am enough. You are enough. I will hold my own hand. I will believe hard that those empty places will be filled with love. I am whole. You are whole.


Anna Ryan Drew is a contemporary mixed media painter with a working studio and gallery in South Bend, Indiana. Her lineage exposed her to a magical world of art, where nothing was off-limits. Anna is a prolific painter whose subject matter adorns walls, chairs and anything else put in her path. She embraces this boundlessness and it continues to inspire her contextual practice. She engages in art as social advocacy and presents an energy that ignites her viewers to feel empowered. Her own ignition was a diagnosis of Bipolar as a teenager. Her figures and self-portraits address the experience she has had with her journey of finding her crown. Her work continues to represent the collective battle humanity faces to end a culture of shame. “Therein lies my strength, and the ripple that can make a wave.” – ARD