Ladies Wear Your Flowers!!!!

I am so very thankful to have great women in my life. Women have circles of friends. I am a artist through and through, from the walls to what is on my back, my head, or anything else I can curate. So this artful spirit manifests in my fashion choices. It is all about the expression. I LOVE fashion + ART. This is probably why I met my dear personal stylist friend Nicole Cripes Style, 3 years ago, at a fundraiser for Derby Day wearing my vintage floral Christian Dior hat. We had a Dior bonding moment that since has not been broken.

This spectacular hat has been resting on display in my closet ever since that April a few years ago, when Derby Day gave it a reason to come out. Fast forward to a few months ago and the invitation (from my awesome friend Megan) to a special night of flowers, drinks, and arrangements @ Merry Me Events. So as I was getting ready, the Dior caught my eye. This hat is not just any hat, but my beautiful, now gone, Grandmother Eleanors’ hat. Pause. (I need to preface that I live in the Midwest, which I love but I tend to stick out on the fashion front) Nonetheless this adorned hat was on the shelf just waiting for her floral moment again. I hesitated for a few seconds, not sure how she would be received, then on she went.

This hat is much like that dress that sits in the closet awaiting a moment. The bottle of wine you are saving for the perfect occasion. Not considering that it could just be the MOMENT. If you just went for it, and maybe you already do. It feels so good. To do the things without a “should I”. I never hesitate about my art, it is liberating to practice that in my daily life. It has been seeping over how to make all of my life that art mindset. Most recently this has shown up in the conversations with my sister, Maggie we call it OFT- Over Fucking Thinking. Not a useful space to forward movement. Tangents coming full circle. So back to the Dior.. it is a symbol of many things to me. Lineage. The ART of fashion. Doing it even if you might be misunderstood. Wearing your truth a top your head. And as I entered the flower party and saw my smiling friends, (and a little perplexed new acquaintances), I owned it. Owning it is the best feeling. I think the more we do that, the more LOVE we create. I believe it. Someday is TODAY. Wear your crown, flowers optional.