A.R.Drew is so excited to share that she will be leading a retreat on a beautiful 1860’s property outside of Nashville Tennessee. The property is on 8 acres of serene nature. The detail and design of the house is impeccable, and just dreamy!!

There will be such beauty and joy in this 4 day experience. This intimate retreat is limited to 3-4 spots. This retreat is for creative badass woman looking to enhance their minds and nurture their soul. Focusing on renewal and revival. Participants will receive group and individual sessions. These sessions will be focusing on personal empowerment. Including setting intentions for everyday practice, building self-care, increasing creative inspiration. There will be art therapy incorporated into the activities, as well as nature walks, and reflection. There will be laughter around the fire pit, swinging on the porch swings. It will be a safe and sacred space to feel closer to your intuition and inner guidance.

Anna is an artist, therapist, and empowerment expert. This will be an experience of such energy and beauty. It will open you up to more possibilities. Anna will hold the space for expanding and make it FUN. This is a unique and valuable way to invest in yourself. You are WORTH it!! Crown On!!



4 days $2,000 Per Person

All delicious food and drinks included.

Picturesque lodging and grounds.

Creative joyful coaching and insights. Both group and individual.

A beautiful retreat to get your Crown On!!!

Set up a call with Anna for more details!