The Crown Academy

Private crown-building. Inspirational sessions directly with Anna provide skill building, empowerment growth, and balance — a combination of the ingredients to find the other side of healing. The Crown Academy is a space to creatively explore the innate value and expansive potential that you have in this life. And it’s an energetic approach to dialing into the ways in which you can “float downstream” and let the river of your true life carry you where you want to go.

The Crown Academy Summer Session

This will be a wonderful opportunity to transform and grow in a creative way. Anna will explore self worth, being enough, our thoughts that make up our life. Living with intention, listening to your inner voice, and exploring our sacred dreams. It will be FUN and a boost of energy to support you making your summer AMAZING. And WEAR YOUR CROWN no matter what!!

Summer Session 1: Begins June 4th – Ends June 16th.
Summer Session 2: Begins July 6th – Ends July 17th.
4-group coaching sessions.
One 30 minute individual coaching session per member.

Anna wants this to be available to you at a special price during these challenging times that invite us all to be aware of our potential.

Special Price – Just $200!

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