Event Summary

Anna, with the help of your staff, will customize this experience for your organization, but the core element will always be the live painting. To be present with Anna’s exuberant,
prolific creativity changes you.

There also will be music of some kind – music playing while Anna paints moves her, the painting, and the audience-participants. The most aliveness comes when local, live musicians are incorporated. String ensembles of any size are probably Anna’s favorite.
Other components of the event will depend on the nature of your work, your event’s theme, your supporters, and — if you wish – your client base. Here are some options:

~ Singing: The event could include Anna dropping her paintbrush to sing one of her original songs. Email the artist if you would like to listen to a sample of her most recent original song, “Crown On” for an example of Anna’s presence, voice, and musicality.

~ Musical participation and co-creation by clients, staff, or donors: Anna can work with your staff to select people with a love of singing, art, or music and meet with them before the event to dialog about the event theme. These sessions will cultivate the premise for an original song that will be sung by Anna with those participants.

~ Visual art participation and co-creation: Anna can involve your audience members in a piece of contemporary art either before the event or live at the event. What will work best depends on the people you want involved. Maybe a collaborative painting will be done and exhibited on-stage during the other parts of the event. Or maybe you want a workshop-type experience for the audience on that very day.

If you don’t have a particular theme in mind, Anna’s delighted to bring you an experience of her Crown On empowerment work or her Metamorphosis freedom transformation work.

Anna will weave all elements together to provide the audience and the participants with a magical visual and auditory experience that invites them to share in creating magic in their own lives and in the mission of your organization, in the form of their direct financial support (in the case of non-profits) and/or personal energy, commitment, and creativity.  Click here for Anna’s bio.

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