“My work is varied, life is varied….the contrast of inner workings against the outer appearance.”
A.R. Drew is a Contemporary Mixed Media Painter residing in Granger, Indiana. Her mixed media and acrylic paintings utilize a simplistic approach to creating meaningful imagery. Drew’s broad lines combined with earth tone shades create the best of landscapes, while her primary color palette produces abstracts and portraiture that pierce the soul. She has a visceral connection to making and the appreciation of the impact that art has on the world. She has also exhibited with regional and nationally renowned artists including, Robert De Niro Sr., Paul Rothko, Leland Bell, Bob Thompson and Nancy Swan Drew.
Drew was born in a small Midwest town in 1976. As a child, Anna started painting as soon as she could hold a brush. Her mother, Nancy Swan Drew, introduced Anna to her art studio at a young age. At the studio, she was exposed to art as if it was as ordinary as learning to read. It was an everyday experience watching her mother create and paint on a variety of media including: the walls of her childhood home, furniture, clothing, and even a bus! Nothing was off limits. Anna continues this creativity and lack of limits in her works today.
Anna attended The University of Michigan and obtained her BFA in Painting. She received several encouraging accolades and awards for her work in her chosen medium. During her time at Michigan, Anna was highly involved in social justice and used her passion for art to connect with disparaged populations in Detroit and Benton Harbor, Michigan.
In her teenage years, Anna was diagnosed as Bipolar. This disease caused her to lose touch with reality and her own sense of self several times during her young adulthood. Despite these struggles, Anna’s artistic passion enabled her to rebuild her life, self-esteem, passion for social equality, the arts and for life itself. Anna’s battles with Bipolar have taught her to find the strength, beauty, and empathy necessary to capture real human experiences in her works of art. To be a warrior, and empower others to do so.
In 1996 she began painting her self-portraits. Her passion and connection to others steered her towards obtaining her Masters in Social Work from Andrews University. For over a decade, Anna utilized her talent for the arts, Masters Degree and personal experiences as tools to help and encourage her clients to heal from their own traumas and struggles.
To this day, Anna utilizes her art work to express her views on current cultural movements including women’s rights, mental illness advocacy, gun violence, and other injustices that pervade our society. Today, Anna focuses primarily on painting in her own studio space located in downtown South Bend, Indiana. Most recently, her “Crown Series” embodies a no shame mentality that purposefully promotes empowerment in others. She also utilizes her art for the benefit of numerous local and national non-profit organizations; especially those whose purpose is personal empowerment and healing of women and children.

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